My name is Nate Adkins, Founder and CEO of OuterWise, LLC. I am also the inventor of the Ash-T. I have created OuterWise to act as a platform for many different types of creative ideas.

I have been fortunate -over the years- to have been exposed to, and associated with, dozens of brilliantly creative people. OuterWise has developed games, toys, tools, housewares, smart phone apps, books, music, movie scripts, and we even have a trademark clothing line in the works. Each one of these unique and creative ideas are patiently waiting their turn to be further developed and launched into the world.

We will soon be launching the official OuterWise.com website, so please check back in for updates. We will also continue to let you know about special discounts and events.

If you're a retailer, affiliate, or distributor interested in benefiting from the Ash-T explosion, we're currently exploring partnership opportunities. Please hit-us-up through the CONTACT page.

Thank you for stopping in and please come back soon!

Best Regards,
Nate Adkins

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I can't wait for you to see what this thing does!